“OCS helped develop my leadership skills and moved to make decisions to accomplish a mission and take responsibility for my actions (right or wrong).”
– COL (Retired) Calvin Washispack, U.S. Army TRADOC, OCS Class 5

“OCS was a challenge beyond my expectations.  It drives you to understand what commitment really is.  I felt challenged in meeting not only the obligations of the military but family and career.  OCS was a compact training program that taught me the value of work ethic, time management and team work in accomplishing my mission throughout life.”
– COL (Retired) Michael Borrel, Director of Educational Programs, OCS Class 21

Anyone who is thinking about stepping up to the challenge to become an officer should give serious consideration to the Louisiana National Guard’s OCS Academy. OCS was without a doubt one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences of my life. The staff and TAC officers are the finest in the nation.
– LTC Randy Green, J1, OCS Class 35

“Commissioning through OCS provided a unique opportunity to improve my existing leadership traits and management skills learned while serving as an NCO. It developed me mentally, physically and emotionally while enhancing the technical and tactical skills and the overall knowledge today’s commissioned Officers must possess.”
– MAJ Marc Prymek, 199th BSB XO/AO, OCS Class 40

“Officer Candidate School, above anything else, taught me that leadership is not just about being able to take charge of things within your comfort zone; it is about being adaptive, innovative, and flexible enough to recognize what is necessary to accomplish the mission under a variety of different circumstances, situations, and environments.”
– MAJ William Saint, State Family Program Director, OCS Class 41


OCS was a very challenging and rewarding experience that provided me the necessary knowledge and tools required to provide leadership and a sound decision making process to the Soldiers I have been fortunate enough to command and supervise.”
– CPT Andrew Gremillion, AO/S3, 769th EN BN, OCS Class 45